Outfit | Studded ankle boots

Womens Stussy open arm vest

Top – Stussy | Leggings – Dixi | Boots – Dixi
So I’ve decided to try out an ‘Outfit Post’. My very first one, after seeing so many of you take great photos of your outfits, I’m a little sad my photos look so awful. But it was all a bit of a rush job, taken in bad lighting they haven’t come out very well but practice makes perfect 🙂 and I think the camera was a little low, oops!

This first outfit is a particular fave of mine. I bought the most amazing boots last Winter from a website called Dixi. You must check them out! They often have some great vintage and modern items, and I have used their site a lot. In fact the striped leggings I’m wearing are from there too!! But back to the boots…they are heaven! They’ve never rubbed my feet once and are so comfy I could literally wear them 24/7. I love it when that happens with shoes (which is not very often) Definitely one of my best buys EVER. They did have little buckles on but sadly (drunkenly) one got pulled off. But I still LOVE them!

Studded black velvet ankle boots

The striped leggings were a recent buy. They went out of stock but I begged their facebook page to bring them back and they did, phew!!!
They feel kinda like spandex, real slippery haha like silk, which makes them extra sexy! Another great buy, think I might wear them out this weekend with some killer heels.
And the top is actually my boyfriends that he gave me. I took it in at the sides and cut the sleeves off. It’s by ‘Stussy’ and I just love this kind of look. They do do women’s clothing and you can find their current collection here. A great website to buy their stuff from is urban industry.
So there was my first post, hopefully the next will have better photo quality 😉

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